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Canadians with Disabilities want Jobs
  • Are you a Human Resources Professional?
  • Do you supervise employees?
  • Do you want to signal to talented employment seekers that your organization values inclusivity and accessibility by removing barriers?
  • The Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities (MLPD) is proud to present this self-paced learning tool about the Accessible Employment Standard (AES). In the following modules, you will find details about both the requirements under the AMA, and practical information about what this means to you and your organization.
    We recommend this information for professionals in the Human Resources field, people who supervise staff, plus anyone who wants to understand the learn about the Accessibility Employment Standard.
    This course material builds on a previous online tool called Accessible Customer Service,
    which details many related concepts to develop a foundation of accessibility knowledge.
    We strongly recommend you take Accessible Customer Service prior to this course.
    Who should take this training?
    • Human Resource Professionals who are involved in compliance with the law
    • Supervisors of employees
    • Business owners
    What are the objectives of the training?
    • Become familiar with the Accessible Employment Standard
    • Know your responsibilities
    • Gain insight into discussing this important information with all staff
    • Potential outcomes: Build a better, more inclusive Manitoba workforce.
    How will I benefit from taking this training?
    • Gain confidence in understanding compliance requirements under the Employment Accessibility Standard;
    • Gain confidence and demonstrate a commitment to the safety and wellbeing of employees
    • Prepare to take on a leadership role in your organization for accessibility and inclusion
    Other online learning opportunities:
    The development of this learning tool was made possible in part by support from the Province of Manitoba.
    Province of Manitoba
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